Gypsy Queen

Paul Wright has a musical career spanning from the early 1980’. From the age of 17 he played lead guitar and sang in many rock and cabaret bands in Liverpool, before deciding to join the UK country scene 20 years ago with the very talented trio Daytona. A Liverpool guy through and through, Paul is lead singer/guitarist and track writer for Fools Gold. Recognised and respected in country music circles in the UK and Internationally. Paul owns and runs his own recording studio. As well as producing self-penned material with musical partner Neil Mac, he has recorded and produced songs for many well-known UK acts.
Neil Mac started his musical life playing in clubs from the age of 14. As a studio sound engineer he producing backing tracks, voice-overs and songs for artists such as Cilla Black, Sonia and Rick Astley. From the early 1980’s Neil performed in the UK, and toured with bands such as Tomm Tomm, What Next, The Renegades, Out of Control, This is Us, and formed The Melissa Gold Duo in 2012. He has also worked with Paul Wright and Fools Gold on country productions since 1999, continuing to write, produce and perform live.
Melissa Gold is a 22 year‐old singer from Liverpool who is already eight years into a diverse accomplished singing career with the Fools Gold trio, Melissa Gold Duo and This is Us. Her incredibly wide vocal range enables her perform and ‘do justice’ to songs by world- renowned artists, and she is already a well-respected and proven solo artist in the UK.
Gypsy Queen combines the talent of all three performers, with a unique stripped down back to basics Country flavour. Their current show includes songs from artists such as Patty Loveless, Reba McEntyre, Deana Carter, Martina MacBride, Kacy Musgrave, the O’Kanes, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson and many more…!

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