Vaquero – The Band

Originally formed in 1997, the founding members of Vaquero were Ian (Sammy) Sands, Chris Raddings and Darran Gibson.
The band hit the Country Music circuit with all guns blazing, winning audiences over with their modern country rock sound which consisted of brilliant musicians, vocals and 4 and 5 part harmonies. They dared to stray away from the accepted norm of country music at times and though not always appreciated by everybody, they were loved by many.
Unfortunately, they had to disband a few years later because of family illness.
Roll on 2017 and Sammy, Darran and Chris - who has become a well known solo artist in his own right on the Country circuit - decided it was time to resurrect Vaquero. With new members, Elli Luha, Pete (Woody) Woodward, Ian Barraclough and Antonio Innocente, Vaquero are now back with their own brand of stomping modern country rock and harmony based songs. Already establishing themselves as favorites on the festival and club scene, Vaquero are winning new fans at each performance so catch them if you can - you won’t be disappointed!
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