Once again ill health spoiled my chance to go to the brilliant Vaquero’s club, this time to see Gary Perkins & The Collection and although Gary himself was unable to perform due to him being ill, the band put on a very good show and I have spoken to several people who were present and they all said it was a superb night.
This is a brilliant club where the audience sit quietly to listen when the artists are on stage which is a factor missing at most clubs. Darren & Elaine Gibson, who run the club, have worked hard to achieve this.
As I have said on these pages, I have never understood people who go to a music venue and talk loudly over the artists and so spoil the night for those who have come to listen.
Darren and Elaine run this club to help keep the band scene going, which is commendable because we have lost some brilliant musicians since the introduction of backing tracks. They fill their club by putting on the top bands on the circuit and are now branching out into putting on Country music weekends, the first being in November at the White Lodge Hotel in Filey with a brilliant line up of top artists, as can be seen from their advertisement in Cross Country so go along and support them if you can.

Brian Thornton, http://www.crosscountrymagazine.co.uk