What a brilliant night we had at this great listening club run by Darran & and Elaine Gibson who always make you welcome. The club room is always decorated with flags on the walls and tables, complete with nibbles. The stage has good lighting with a great sound system and this evening we had the man himself from Harrogate, Chris Raddings. Chris, as always, gave us a lovely set of songs including his great hit of the moment, You’re In The Shadow Of My Mind and Little Light, about his wife, Fiona and little daughter Eleanor.
With his great singing and banter with the audience between songs he got a great ovation.
The next set was with the boys from Bradford, Mike Sagar & The Cresters who are not strictly Country but sang some great songs mixed in with lots of amusement and laughter with their tales and jokes.

Brian Thornton, http://www.crosscountrymagazine.co.uk